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Kelly Brooks Wedding

I had the absolute pleasure of bringing the amazing Kelly Brooks wedding day to life through her special bespoke dreamworld that she used for her wedding website and her guests had their own customized dreamworld tote bags, as well as a dreamworld map that was printed as dinner placemats and scrolls for her guests to look at all the venues

for the special day.

kellys dreamworld jpeg.jpg

'I've worked with Ellamae on a variety of projects and most recently commissioned her to not only design a

 Dreamworld for our Wedding in Italy but is also a Map that showcases our beautiful


Ellamae managed to bring to life our wedding through the most beautiful

illustrations and managed to create the most

 beautiful keepsake for the guests and ourselves.


Her whimsical imagination

 took our wedding aesthetic to another level.

We made Tote bags from the

dreamworld illustrations and Placemats

from her illustrated Map.

There's no end to what you can do and I really enjoyed the whole creative process and seeing what she could conjure up next

She really is an incredible Artist &


- Kelly Brook

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