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The Secret Story Mirrors are a doorway to your imagination, they are designed purposely to escape the everyday realities and embrace your floral, fairy tale dreams. Each mirror will come with an individual story that is represented by the illustration on the mirror, everything is handmade & truly special from the bespoke frame and colours picked for each frame, to the drawings & hand placement of the vinyl - then it is magically constructed altogether. They are a limited exclusive run - once they are gone I won’t be making any more. 


The perfect gift for a loved one to open on Christmas day and a story to treasure forever, a unique, inspiring product that’ll make you feel like your inner child again.


🌟Each mirror is bespoke and handmade, from the painted frame to the placing of the illustrated vinyl.



🌟 External Dimensions of wooden frame 327mm X 450mm (fits an A3 glass mirror)


🌟Each mirror design will come with its own story inside boxed up &  wrapped in branded gorgeousness.


🌟Includes the cutest floral care card on how to look after your magical mirror.


🌟Everlasting magic - it’ll be a hand me down and something to cherish forever.


🌟Packaged up in a gorgeous white box with whimsical cloud & star stickers with lots of pink bubble wrap!


🌟£385 per mirror pricing includes first-class tracked and signed DPD service UK based only - I will give you a tracking number.


🌟Cut off point to order before Christmas is the 16th of December for a mirror.


Enchanted Forget Me Nots - Story 


Once upon a time, in a floral wonderland, there lived a sparkly yellow butterfly. As the freesias shone bright amidst the golden sun, she would flutter through the drooping forget-me-nots and bloom amongst the anemone poppies. These magical flowers are a sweet, spell-binding bunch with symbolic meaning, designed to make you feel special when you see your reflection in the mirror.


The Enchanted Mirror is scattered with; sweet yellow freesias - a symbol of joy and friendship, pastel pink dog roses - symbolising courage and romance, curved blue forget-me-nots - symbolising love and respect, and pink and purple anemone poppies - symbolising loyalty. Look in the mirror and join this floral fairytale dream.


Each element is handmade and truly special, from the illustrations to the vinyl and painted frame. Together, they capture my love for all things magical. 


I strongly believe our imagination can lead to incredible, other-world things, if we let it. Dreams do come true, and I hope that this Enchanted Mirror will ignite yours. With a sprinkle of inspiration, your mind can drift to a land far, far away - a floral fantasy…


Treasure your Secret Story Mirror forever, it was made especially for you.


Ellamae x






Enchanted Forget Me Nots Mirror

  • Be as gentle and delicate as you can when cleaning the vinyl to avoid discolouring, or damage. Clean from the outside into the middle of the mirror to avoid the vinyl peeling upwards. If your mirror gets dusty, I would recommend using a non - abrasive cloth that will not scratch the vinyl or glass. Opt for a soft cloth such as a fluffy microfibre delicate kitchen duster or a microfibre cloth.

    From time to time your mirror will need a bit of TLC just like all of us, you can clean your glass with soapy warm water but again avoid it touching the vinyl & do not use chemical-based cleaning products. Lastly, make sure your mirror is sparkling and happy.

    As always, I love seeing pictures of your mirrors once they are in their new homes, please share your wonderful pics and give me a tag on instagram: @ellamaestatham

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