Ey up folks! I'm Ellamae, an illustrator and concept artist based in South East London. 


Welcome to my dream world! I'm best known for my bright and eclectic concepts that are full of colour and magic! I take inspiration from nature, the universe and whimsical characters.


I like to Interweave themes of identity, especially female empowerment and mental health throughout my work, which has been inspired by my own experiences! I also do private commissions based on women themselves, which is glorious because they decide a theme, what memories and objects they want to include in their piece, and inspiring words that make them feel powerful! This is such a unique gift to themselves and a reminder of their self-worth, which you can check out on my site.


I always draw by hand, using black ink first and then add abstract colours, shapes and various textures using Illustrator and Photoshop to bring them to life! I studied at Central St Martins (graduated 2017)and studied textiles print design this is why a lot of my work involves layering, patterns, and bright bold colours, florals are also a massive part of my work & all things glittery, sparkly ,shiny i’m OBSESSED with.


Whether it's to put a smile on someone’s face or incite their curiosity, I love knowing that my art makes people FEEL amazing! 


Check out my Private Commissions page (currently on hold as its having a make over, please email - hello@ellamaestatham.com for enquiries) - to explore other peoples dream worlds i’ve brought to life.


Enjoy my site & check out my online shop for prints & cards!


Ellamae XXX