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The Story 💫

When I was younger I had a friend who had the most gorgeous, enchanted garden, and at the back of it was a tall mirror🪞hidden amongst the flowers 🌸 It always reminded me of a portal to another world 🌎 we used to pretend we could step into this enchanted world through this magical mirror, and that

our reflections represented fairies’ 🧚🏼‍♀️  looking through the mirror was a gateway to a whole new wonderland & my imagination ran with this magical feeling, I felt I was a part of this special world when I saw my reflection through the mirror.

All of the bespoke mirrors are up-cycled by hand, as I source my mirrors from second-hand shops & and collect old vintage frames, completely transforming them into keepsakes. It feels really special to turn something that was once a little lost soul into something truly special, to inspire you and make you feel magical 🍄


It's important to me that elements of my artwork are sustainable & and up-cycling these mirrors is extremely rewarding from start to finish of the making process. Everything is designed by hand, from the bespoke frame and colours picked for the painted frame to the drawings & and hand placement of the sticker vinyl, and then it is magically constructed altogether 🪞🍄🌷


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